Back In Blighty

Lots to reports from the last couple of weeks. Memory Lane Films has been so busy! The editing has been going really well (though it’s possible that we got a bit over excited during the filming at both venues – we’ve had to go through hours and hours of footage). Nevertheless, this can’t do the final films any harm. Check out our Flickr for stills exported from the footage from both events.

In other news, we managed to escape from the edit room for a night for Mark’s retirement dinner at Sloan’s, a venue with a great bar and several large function rooms. A great night in Glasgow’s very oldest pub, with some lovely speeches, really interesting stories and quick blast of some traditional Scottish music. The footage looks great, and we’ve captured perfect quality audio from the P.A system to underscore the entire film. The fruits of our labours should be going live fairly soon – keep in touch to see highlights of the final film.

We’ve just arrived back from fair Verona (well, nearby – Shakespeare never spoke about Fair San Vigilio) where we filmed another international event. Colin, family and friends played host to us for three days as he celebrated his 60th birthday. The villa itself was stunning – see our Facebook page for a full frontal photograph – with incredible light filled rooms and the view out onto the Lake shown above. We’ve filmed some amazing footage, including a huge thunder storm on Saturday night and a jamming session (which will definitely make the final cut) after dinner on Colin’s birthday night itself. We’ll have a great final film and quite the blooper reel to send him in a few weeks! What was great was how comfortable everyone was with us. Staying with the guests in the villa itself meant a really immersive process, and while we pride ourselves and our cameras on being able to fade easily into the background, our 24/7 presence for 3 days could have been challenging. Maybe it was the Italian disposition or the sunny weather, but everyone was incredibly relaxed – we didn’t miss a beat! We’ve captured sunlit al fresco lunches at Hotel Gardesana, which has played host to the likes of Winston Churchill and Jimmy Stewart (and a 15-year old Colin of course), frolics in the pool and long, relaxed breakfasts as old friends discuss old times. Go straight here for more information on our international events or to see highlights of Colin’s final film.

Ever looking to the future, we’ve got two weddings on Saturday – Lorraine and Alvin in Shotts and Baz and Neeru in London. And then we’ll be back in the edit room for quite some time! Check our Twitter feed for more regular updates as to our whereabouts and activities, or get in touch with us via our website or Facebook if you’ve got any questions.


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