Sorry to have been away so long folks – did anyone miss us? We’ve been unutterably busy since the last time we posted. A bit silly, since we’ve been sitting on the computer, that we haven’t had the time to post an update. Forgive us.

We have been pretty darn busy with our editing. A whole host of our sample films are now available here for your viewing pleasure. Remember these are just little teaser trailers at this stage. An example of an extended highlights film can be found here, but they’re springing up like daisies all of the time. We’ve also posted a big ol’ bag of stills exported from our footage on our Flickr page, if you felt the need to have a quick browse. As per usual, stay tuned to the Vimeo and YouTube channels, on which we’ll be throwing stuff up all of the time.

On the shooting side of things, we’ve got another busy couple of weeks ahead of us. On the 6th of July we’ll be in attendance at the wedding of Derek and Katie, and just over a week later we’ll be filming at the ceremony (and the reception afterwards) of Victoria and Gary. Very excited to be getting out of doors again, especially wielding the camera! Has the world outside the edit room changed very much?

For more information about booking us to film at your event, go to our website or just give us call on 020 7978 1166. Wll let you know how everything goes (we promise)


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