We Really Let That Slide…

We know, we know – but before you go any further Check This Out.

Yes – oh dear! We really let that slide for a while didn’t we? We can only apologise – it has been a ridiculously busy (whisper it…couple of months) and we committed an ungodly sin and put the blog on the back burner. Anyway, we’re back now – no harm done and we promise not to do it again. From now on our blogging will be as regular as clockwork. It might not be very often, but at least it will be regular.

So – what have we been doing? Well, first and foremost we were off with our sister company, Gentle Giant Productions, filming and editing a music video for Suspire, which you can view in all of its HD goodness here. We were pretty chuffed when it was broadcast on Canadian Television while the band were over the pond appearing on a chat show!

No time to rest after that, the last couple of months has been busy busy too. We’ve updated our own website (there are changes, honest) and have been hard at work in the edit room. Last time we posted (and some readers will have had several children since then) we told you about the weddings of Derek and Katie and Victoria and Gary These have obviously been completed since then and both couples have been very pleased with their results. You can see all of our highlight films, including these, on our Vimeo channel here.

We have also been back behind the camera, on both sides of the border. We had the pleasure of working with Emily at The Pie Man, who coordinated us (as if we ever needed coordinating…) for Nigel and Maria’s INCREDIBLE wedding down in Hampshire. This was easily one of the nicest occasions that we have had the pleasure to film – everything, from the catering to the band, from the flowers to the disco – everything was absolutely superb. There is not a doubt in our minds that we will have a quality film to show them in a few weeks time. Look out for Nigel and his family jumping up on stage – (lead guitar, drums, bass and two backing vocalists) – to rock a few songs themselves.

Then we were whisked (sounds romantic, but it was just a plane) back over the border to where the sun never stops shining – Glasgow – for a wedding show at our new friends’ place – Christie Couture. In case you were wondering, the photographed champagne flutes were taken at Christie’s (of course, we didn’t touch a drop – we stuck to the tablet). Lesley is the owner at Christie, and she was hosting a little private catwalk show for her new range of bridal dresses, which all the brides oohed and aahed over over all afternoon. Us being men, we were barely able to discern the colour and that some of them had “frilly bits”. Nevertheless, we are assured by our other new friends at Lotte and Bloom and The Guilty Pleasures Cake Company  (bit of a mouthful…) that the dresses were “stunning”. In a couple of weeks, you will be able to judge for yourselves – we’ll be uploading a little promotional film for Christie Couture, which we are hoping that Lesley might deem of a significant quality to put up on her website. In the meantime, please be assured that several new teaser trailers will be coming to a samples page near you at some point in the near future.

What else…that’s about it really. We plunge ever deeper into the world of Twitter and Facebook, and will have some more news for you in the (middle distant) future. We promise.


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