As Promised

There we go – what did we tell you? A mite over two weeks since our last post. And boy have we been busy. First and foremost, as promised – you can view the promotional film for Christie Couture here. We were pretty pleased with how it came out in the end. More importantly, Lesley over at Christie’s was delighted (we would have like to hyperlink that to a glowing testimonial, but Lesley is keeping us on our toes on that score. Nevertheless, she sent us an email that made us blush, and when we have an official statement, we shall post it post haste) We have, however, received a testimonial from Maia, who we (sorry Maia) forgot to mention in our last post. Maia’s family took us across to France to spend her birthday with her and her friends. The group were incredibly warm and welcoming, and it was a pleasure spending time with them. They were very relaxed in front of the camera, which (we think) makes for a great final film. Who else to soundtrack a teenager’s birthday film this summer than ol’ Ben Howard eh? Oh, and on receiving her final film, Maia released an official statement.

We also mentioned on our Facebook that we had stumbled across two great wedding related people recently. We interrupted the cupcake making activities of Claire at The English Wedding Blog, who was not only very warm and friendly (is there any other way to be when making cupcakes) but extremely helpful too. If you need any advice about your big day, then she is most definitely your lady. And we are not just saying that because she said she liked this blog…The second person, and someone who is much closer to home, is a certain Mark Brown . We’re not sure how we haven’t heard about his work before, but we have now watched almost his entire oeuvre! He makes an 8mm film that will literally, yes literally, blow your socks off. Some 8mm stock went straight on our Christmas list after watching his work – the colours and tones are simply fantastic.

Last, and by no means least, we managed to escape our editing suite to jump behind the camera once more! We were at The Lochside House Hotel for the wedding of Gillian and Chris on Sunday. It was such a nice day! Well, the weather was dreadful, but the New York themed (Chris proposed at the top of the Empire State Building) wedding of the lovely pair was a lovely, intimate affair. The hotel just won a prize (consults website…yes, a Vows Award for Best Venue) and you can see why. The staff were extremely helpful, friendly and fun; the Christmas decorations were up; the fire was lit. Everything was beautiful. Gillian and Chris were a little bit nervous beforehand, but the hitch went off without a hitch (oh dear) and the party afterwards was something to behold. A night to remember…for some people anyway! We’ve reviewed the footage (and a few of the cheeky snaps we took throughout the day – see above) and everything is looking great. We look forward to getting a teaser trailer over to you as soon as possible Gillian and Chris.

As for our movements over the next few weeks before Christmas (CHRISTMAS!?!) – we will be editing like mad, so expect some teaser trailers coming your way soon – not just Gillian and Chris. There’s Nigel and Maria and Laura and James too. So excited to see how they all come out. We’ll also be sorting out our advertising for the coming year, so if anyone has any recommendations on that score, please feel free to get in touch.

If at all interested, you can monitor our immediate whereabouts here, or even more immediate whereabouts here. If you would like to watch a bief collection of our work, we have Vimeo and Youtube for your viewing pleasure.


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