A Little Change In Direction


A slightly more technical post this month. Won’t take long – just something to let you know what we’ve been up to, because as you know – we’re an industrious bunch.

A considerable amount of our time has been taken up by the search for something that will keep us up with the way modern technology seems to be going. We didn’t want to be the ones to tell you this, but DVD is on its way to the grave. This came to our knowledge when in an Apple Store recently, discussing the newest Apple machines no longer even having disc drives. Essentially, there are two central problems with DVD. Firstly, they deteriorate over time, so that a few years down the line, no matter how careful you are with them, there will be a point where they no longer work as well as they did. Secondly, to place your film on a standard DVD, your filmmaker will inevitably have to compress the film(s), so that the quality suffers. Never fear, there are several new option, not as traditional as DVD, but ensuring that you will have your film, in full HD, fo the rest of your life.

First and foremost, the cloud is a relatively new phenomenon for everyone, and essentially allows your films to be stored online, and to be accessed from multiple computers anywhere in the world. We can, of course, also share films with you through our Vimeo channel, and even set it up so that you can download your films from this source. For the smaller files, we can also use transfer sites like Wetransfer, which are very easy to use, and allow us to send you a link, on which you simply click to download your final film. However, we really like giving you something physical; something you can hold in your hand that comes in a nice pretty box. Which brings us to the USB. What we are proposing, instead of sending you your film in your bespoke packaging, is that we simply send you a USB stick instead. It sounds pretty boring and basic, and of course there are thousands of nasty plastic or metal options out there, but after having a few days at the computer, we’re actually pretty enthusiastic about it. There are those in the picture above if you are looking for the organic option. And then are the very simple, classic USBs, shown here in a nice wood finish:

void(0)And then we have a few quirky alternatives, like these recycled film canisters: film35mm-usb1 and, if you would like to push the boat out a little bit, these hard drives, made out of old books (we’re yet to find out if your can choose the book yourself, but we think it could be a great little surprise gift for your new partner): a-book-or-a-hard-diskOf course, there are always a few options that are just a bit daft, but if there are any comic book geeks out there, why not take ol’ Iron Man out for a spin? 4fa80d5ba1f6c_80363b(a range of comic book characters are available).

What brought all of this on, of course, was Laura and James suggesting from the outset that they might have have their final film on a USB, rather than a DVD (you can see their one camera operation film here by the by…) Now, we have got a different option on its way for them, which we are not going to post here (we love a good surprise), but we can promise that it is a nice, slightly quirky option that will suit them and their big day very well. The option to have your film on USB instead of DVD will cost you nothing extra with us, and as we say, will give you a better quality film that you can watch for years and years without worrying about deterioration. And of course, if you really wanted to, you could burn as many DVDs from the movie file that we give you as could ever hope to need. We also have several other digital options in Our Extras – we can give you all of your footage on a hard drive, or keep it on a hard drive of our own. If you hear about any other interesting options elsewhere, we are always looking to keep up to date – get in touch with us and let us know what you’ve found.

Please feel free to Comment on what you read here – we always welcome a bit of discussion with interested parties. Get on to our social media pages to see what we’re up to day to day – Facebook, Twitter – and have a look at our website to see our latest and greatest work!


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