Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We really did intend to get a blog post out before the Christmas break, but the excitement got to us. There was even a draft post sitting here with a picture of a Christmas bauble (if you are really interested you can see it here).

Anyway, we hope everyone had a fantastic break. Above is the picture of the Jack Daniels tree in Covent Garden that we had the pleasure to visit over the break (It’s Not What’s Under The Tree, It’s Who’s Around The Tree – we could not agree less…) This was just one of the rare treats of the holiday period. Tell you what was better than that tree, these two: Wordpress 2 a pair of very casually dressed opera singers, serenading the fine diners in one of Covent Garden’s many cafes. Notice that they are really getting into the holiday spirit by entirely ignoring the woman with a pram on the stairs. Anyway, much mulled wine, many mince pies, totally too much turkey and well…chocolate has been consumed in the last few weeks. We popped up to the North of Scotland for a long weekend’s skiing, but the 100mph winds soon put paid to that! Not to be deterred, we sat in and drank the offerings of the lovely breweries and distilleries of the region. And then we had a fairly rip roaring New Year in bonnie Glasgow.

We should really say something about all of the great work that we’ve been doing too shouldn’t we. Well…we put this little sample video together for Nigel and Maria’s wedding reception down in Hampshire. We organised a little bespoke package for them as they didn’t fancy having their entire day recorded. We also (for some reason) decided to attach our camera to the top of the car (result: a crick in my neck from constantly glancing up through the sun roof to check it was still there) on our way down from London – you can see the results here. Sorry about the music – we were feeling whimsical. It’s not completely fully formed (you may notice a few teensy little raindrops on the lens in some areas) but it is something we will very much be perfecting in the coming year. Imagine the sun coming up over sandy beaches, or the clouds drifting over a Scottish castle. You get the idea…

Plans for the New Year. Well, we are offering a full 25% off all packages to anyone who makes a booking with us before the end of the year. It doesn’t matter if your big day is in 2013 or 3030, as long as you confirm date before January 31st 2012, we’ll knock a quarter off the package price. We’ll be busy with a bit of editing too of course.

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