International Events

Just because you’re having a quiet, intimate event somewhere abroad doesn’t mean that you don’t want a film of your big day. It’s pretty tough to find an event filmmaker in a location which you don’t visit very often though, especially if you don’t speak the language. Memory Lane Films would love to visit distant shores with you, and create a film that fits with your setting as well as your character. The more time the better – it allows us to capture all sorts of contextual footage before we have to head home – and we don’t charge for the extra travel and shooting days. So we could travel to your location, be it the sun-drenched shores of Brazil (please), the windswept mountains of Montana (yes yes yes) or the barren wastes of central Siberia (hmmm), and film there for days on end, and you wouldn’t pay anything extra above the regular prices.

Now we say that, but there is of course various expenses to consider. Travel, for one – accommodation, for another. But have no fear, we will consult with you beforehand (just as we do with all Memory Lane films) and decide on a budget for these aspects of the trip. We will then take care of everything, booking all accommodation, travel and sustenance, keeping it stress free for you and making sure we’re there where and when you want us.

Have a look at samples of our international event films here.


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